parade video




PARADE is an inexplicably complex and emotional film for me. I made it as a gift for my closest friend’s 20th birthday. Charlie and I lived over 4600 miles apart at the time I made this video - the distance between us and the little time we have together is an important defining point of our friendship. It always has been since the first time I visited them in Colorado in 2015.

This film follows my 7 week visit to Colorado in Summer 2017. We embarked on our first tour together that summer over 9 states. Neither of us had experienced anything like that before. It was the greatest 10 days of our lives, and experiencing it together created a new bond that we still struggle to articulate 2 years later.

This is, once again, so beautiful. the innocence and purity these impressions convey and the music behind it. Every time i see that you’ve uploaded something new i get so excited and happy!
— Kika
This is just mesmerising, I can’t even put into words how much I love it! You are so talented.
— Natalie