pilgrim video




This video is an attempt to compartmentalise my first tour. In Summer 2017 I embarked on my first tour with a band, and it marked a profound turning point in my life and in my conception of all the possibility and potential and colour held within it.

PILGRIM isn’t overly profound or eccentric, it’s simply a documentation of fleeting moments over that summer. It illustrates the crystallised moments over 4600 miles, over 9 states, 10 days, and 8 nights of music. These moments won’t be lost in any way, this video isn’t a means to preserve them as they’ll always be protected, but is a nice reminder of how I felt over those few weeks.

It is so rare to find people who create their own original and individual films these days, everything always looks the same. You however amaze me every time. This is absolutely amazing. Don’t ever stop doing these, you have way too much talent!
— Sabbie
This is so immensely beautiful and poetic. What an incredible year you’ve had. The only way is up
— Sam