Vesperteen music video


feathers so hollow

‘I just keep flying,
I’m flying on wings of humility carried by winds of forgiveness
— vesperteen, feathers so hollow

It all started when…

When Colin Rigsby (Vesperteen) came to me and asked if I would produce a music video for him, I just had to say yes. At 18 I had never produced an official music video for an artist, only worked on my own projects. Colin gave me complete creative control, even down to the track that I produce the video for. I chose ‘Feathers So Hollow’ from his latest release at the time, his self-titled EP (2016)

The video was shot in December 2016 and released April 2017. I shot this video in the rural woodlands and parks of south-west England, thousands of miles from Vesperteen’s hometown of Ohio. We felt that this added a sense of enigma and magic that is embodied in the track.

The summer following the release of the Feathers So Hollow music video, I went on to tour with Vesperteen across the North-American leg of his 2017 summer tour, producing a video documentary series which you can learn more about here.

Jay is a crazy talented person. So glad you guys worked together on this amazing piece of art.
— Alexis
Jay your mind is absolutely stunning I get goosebumps every single time I watch this.
— Begsy