'Together For The Summer' tour diary series

In Summer 2017 I joined Vesperteen over a period of 7 shows, documenting their touring experience on their first headlining North American tour. My relationship with the band began in 2016 when we collaborated on a music video together.

 My aim with this tour diary series was to provide an authentic yet stylised look into what tour life is like, and how music influences and drives the artist to continue with their creative process.  This series of videos is for the artist as much as it is for the fans.



In the first episode we begin in Denver, CO.  After a long drive through Wyoming the band arrives in Salt Lake City, UT and we hear their motivations for touring and creating music. 



After a long overnight drive the band reach Seattle, WA.  After a packed out show in Seattle, they head to Portland and give us an insight to the writing process.



The final episode follows the band on their first headlining shows in California.  We hit San Fransisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and explore what it means to be a part of something like the music community.